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    Alumina silica fire bricks are a kind of refractory bricks containing Al 2 O 3 and SiO 2, and are a series of alumina silica fire bricks.Alumina silica fire bricks are widely applied in the high temperature industrial fields such as iron and steel industry, glass industry and non-ferrous industry,etc.

  • Mitigation of alkali-silica reaction by hydrated alumina ...

    To establish the effectiveness and mechanisms of ASR mitigation by alumina, this research used pure hydrated alumina, Al(OH) 3, as a cement replacement. The objectives of the study were to determine if Al(OH) 3 can successfully mitigate ASR and to investigate five hypothesized mechanisms by which Al(OH) 3 may mitigate ASR. The hypothesized mechanisms are (a) reducing pH and alkalis in concrete .

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    ZIRCAR Ceramics' Bubble Alumina is a rigid, low-density, insulating refractory comprised of hollow high-purity Alumina spheres bound in a high-purity Alumina cement. Bubble Alumina exhibits high creep resistance to temperatures as high as 1825°C (3317°F).

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    Jun 07, 2011 · Gels are granular, amorphous solids manufactured by chemical reaction. Gels manufactured from sulfuric acid and sodium silicate reaction are called silica gels, and consist almost solely of silicon dioxide (SiO 2). Alumina gels consist primarily of some hydrated form of Al 2 O 3. Silica-alumina gels are a combination of silica and alumina gel.

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    Aluminium silicate is a type of fibrous material made of aluminium oxide and silicon dioxide, (such materials are also called aluminosilicate fibres). These are glassy solid solutions rather than chemical compounds. The compositions are often described in terms of % weight of alumina, Al 2 O 3 and silica, SiO 2. Temperature resistance increases as the % alumina increases.