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    7 Circular Motion 83 7-1 Centripetal Acceleration and Force Period, Frequency, and Speed Vocabulary Period: The time it takes for one full rotation or revolution of an object. Vocabulary Frequency: The number of rotations or revolutions per unit time. Period and frequency are reciprocals of each other. In other words, T and f Since period is a measure of time, its SI unit is the second, while ...

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    Section_5_Circular_Motion_in_a_Vertical_Plane.notebook 3 November 24, 2010 Nov 15­10:18 PM 1. A 0.250 kg ball is being swung on a 1.3 m string in a

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    Nov 11, 2017 · Category: Circular Motion Newton's Laws and Circular Motion. From Young and Freedman's University Physics with Modern Physics Textbook, 14th edition. Advertisements. A stone with mass 0.8 kg is attached to the end of 0.9 m string. The string will break if its tension exceeds 60 N. The stone is whirled in a horizontal circle on a ...

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    Mar 06, 2015 · An object of mass m1 = 0.135 kg undergoes constant circular motion and is connected by a massless string through a hole in a frictionless table to a larger object of mass m2 = 0.275 kg as shown in the figure. If the larger object is stationary, calculate the tension T in the string and the linear speed v of the circular motion of the smaller object on the table.