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    Oct 26, 2007 · The drum crusher/in-drum compactor is suitable for use in Class I, Division I areas and reduces waste volumes for disposal. The compactor is explosion proof and features 60,000-pounds of compaction force, along with a welded-steel construction and .

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    Jan 10, 2014 · By crushing the drums it is possible to return to Australia eight drums in the space of one uncrushed drum. One of the main tasks at Davis this year was the washing, crushing and readying for return to Australia of the gathered fuel drums and nearly everyone on station was expected and inducted to operate the drum crusher.

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    "Multipurpose Drum Crusher/Packer – Ideal for Packing Material into 55 Gallon Drums for Disposal or Incineration" A rugged two-speed hydraulic pump powers the heavy duty cylinder to 60,000 pounds of crushing force. The ram is automatically cycled by a unique all hydraulic control valve.

  • Drum Crushing –TSDF- HAZ-Waste - Michael Byrne Mfg.

    The Michael Byrne Drum Crusher is fully automated and compacts a 55 gallon drum to a height of 3" in a matter of seconds. Safety is a primary concern in the design of all Michael Byrne products, our drum crusher contains several safety devices to ensure employee safety.

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    Jul 18, 2019 · "Reduces Storage Space up to 80% – Save on Transportation Costs" At over 50,000 pounds of crushing force, the Model V43DC can crush a steel drum down to a height of 4-6 inches tall. Simple ...

  • P-300 | Industrial Diesel Products Inc.

    Oberg High Capacity Truck Heavy Equipment, Industrial Oil Filter Crusher. The Oberg Model P-300 provides more crushing force than any competitor, crushing oil filters up to 20" tall, ple smaller filters simultaneously, and oily shop rags. The large crushing chamber also allows crushing five gallon paint cans into thin wafers.

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    DRUM CRUSHER – DPC 60 SERIES TO INCLUDE EXPLOSIONS PROOF "Multipurpose Drum Crusher/Packer – Ideal for Packing Material into 55 Gallon Drums for Disposal or Incineration" A rugged two-speed hydraulic pump powers the heavy duty cylinder to 60,000 pounds of crushing force.

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    Jul 31, 2019 · This is a set of links to Fort Drum Garrison Policy Memoranda.

  • Sahara drum crusher/in-drum compactor - Material Handling 24/7

    Crush drums for disposal with explosion-proof compactor With explosion-proof construction, the Sahara drum crusher/in-drum compactor is suitable for use in NFPA Class I, Division I areas. The device reduces waste volumes of 5-gallon steel drums by applying 60,000 pounds of force to crush them to 4 inches in height for safe and economical disposal.

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    The explosion proof drum crusher/in-drum compactor reduces waste volumes for safe and economical disposal – crushing drums down to 4" pancakes. Its totally explosion proof construction makes it ideal for use in NFPA Class I, Division I areas.

  • 55A Drum Crusher - RAM FLAT Drum Crushers

    55A Drum Crusher. Continuous heavy-duty 55-gallon drum crushing. When your operation requires the best possible volume reduction with no down-time, the Model 55A is the drum crusher for you. This unit is designed for 24/7 operation and is capable of crushing 200, 300 or even 500 drums per day.

  • Drum Auger –TSDF- HAZ-Waste - Michael Byrne Mfg.

    Drum Auger –TSDF- HAZ-Waste If your business requires the removal and treatment of liquid or solid waste materials from 55 Gallon Drums, the Michael Byrne Drum Augering Machine is just what you need to accomplish the job quickly and at reduced costs.

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    RAM FLAT - 55SC - Drum Crusher by S&G Enterprises, Inc.. For low-volume drum crushing. When you are looking to crush a few dozen drums a month, look no further than the Model 55SC. At 40,000 pounds, this powerful machine will crush a drum flat to 6.5...

  • Drum Washer Crusher | Model DWC-7000 - Drumbeaters

    Drum Washer Crusher Model DWC-7000. This equipment is capable of washing and crushing drums or containers sized up to 55 gallon ( up to 85 gallon drums/containers see options) within the same chamber as where the wash steps were preformed and is designed to .

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    Oberg Drum Crusher ** Actual Product May Vary From Image Shown . The Model D-60 is a dual purpose machine. It can be used to compact waste inside the drum or to crush the empty drum itself. By compacting waste into the drum you can realize dramatic savings in handling and disposal fees by getting up to 80% more material into each drum.

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    Buy drum crushers and compactors from Grainger. Electric hydraulic drum crushers and compactors convert from 38,000 lb crusher to compactor. They can crush an empty 55-gal. steel drum to approximately 6" H and automatically reset in less than 25 seconds.

  • P-200L | Industrial Diesel Products Inc.

    The P-200L accepts filters up to 16" tall and crushes ple automotive size filters simultaneously. Crushed filters are deposited through a trap door in the rear of the crushing chamber directly into a 55 gallon transport drum that can be positioned under the machine.

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    The SRS CMP-Series Drum Crushers/Drum Compactors are designed to crush 5 – 55 gallon drums and/or contents within a 55 gallon drum. In addition, units are designed to compact liquid soaked materials and automatically collect the liquid in a drum. Therefore, our CMP-Series Drum Compactors come standard with a 10-15 horse power motor.

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    The explosion-proof Drum Crusher/In-Drum compactor is designed to reduce waste volumes for safe and economical disposal. These units are totally explosion-proof, making them ideal for use in NFPA Class 1 Division 1 areas. Features include 60,000 pounds. of compaction force, rugged welded steel...

  • Drum Crusher 205litre - Materials Handling

    These "grunt" Drum Crushers dispose of damaged or unwanted 205 litre drums and save on space, transport and handling, whilst enabling easy recycling. Insert the drum, close the safety, interlocking door and press the button for automatic compaction. The unit will reduce a 205 litre drum to a 75mm high disc in an 40 second cycle.

  • Drum Washer/Crusher (DWC Series) | SRSDESRSDE

    SRS Designed Equipment's drum washer/crusher system (DWC-Series) is designed for applications that require washing of the drums prior to crushing the drums for disposal. Instead of a separate drum washer and a separate compactor, the drum washer/crusher accomplishes both the jobs in one unit – thus saving time and money.

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    Industrial Drum Crushers. Worldwide Distribution. We are world leader in manufacturing of Drum Crusher Compactor Systems. We provide the largest selection of drum crusher compactors in order to meet any special project requirements.