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  • DenimoTech A/S: Bench laboratory colloid mill

    This portable scale lab replicates the production process for preparation of bitumen emulsions, and a heated and insulated version replicates production of Polymer Modified Bitumen. Designed just like the full-scale production mills, the rotor and stator system, coupled with the variable speed drive, produces fine and narrow droplet distribution.

  • UVB-1-L Bitumen emulsion laboratory system - GlobeCore

    The bitumen emulsion 1 Bitumenemulsion is a blend of fine beads of bitumen and water. laboratory system is designed for:. preparation of bitumen emulsion samples for laboratory use; testing bitumen equipment and refining of bitumen emulsion formula with certain emulsion components and for the intended emulsion application.

  • National Emulsion Technician Certification - Asphalt Institute

    In response to a similar need in the asphalt emulsion industry, the Asphalt Institute has established the NETC Program with the same goals in mind – to reduce variability in asphalt emulsion test data by promoting a standard laboratory best-practice and ensuring that asphalt emulsion technicians are knowledgeable and fully qualified to ...


    Certain extracts of asphalt have been shown to produce cancers in laboratory rodents. The carcinogenic potency of asphalt is considered low, provided asphalt is not contaminated with coal tar. Based on animal and human data, an A4 Not Classifiable as a Human Carcinogen, notation is assigned to asphalt fume. SECTION 12: ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION

  • Bitumen emulsion equipment (UVB-1) - GlobeCore Bitumen ...

    GlobeCore bitumen emulsion plants operate by consecutive mixing of components in hydrodynamic mixers at certain pressure and temperature. The unique design ensures instant mixing of components in the stream due to kinetic energy of the bitumen stream .

  • Asphalt Emulsions 101 | Asphalt magazine

    An asphalt emulsion consists of three basic components, asphalt, water and an emulsifying agent. An asphalt emulsion is a stable dispersion of asphalt cement droplets in water, which can be pumped, stored and mixed with aggregates. An emulsion should "break" quickly upon contact with aggregate when mixed or after being sprayed.

  • bitumen emulsion lab mill

    bitumen emulsion lab mill – Grinding Mill China . Mohawk Asphalt Emulsions, a division of The Gorman Group, began producing emulsions in 1975, providing product for, The facility, which houses the lab and manufacturing operation, is located at 6 Freemans Bridge Road, Scotia, NY, The emulsion manufacturing mill is a high shear colloid style ...

  • Laboratory unitcore

    Laboratory bitumen emulsion system UVB-L to prepare laboratory parties of bitumen emulsions; to develop the recipe of water-bitumen emulsion depending upon the solution of bitumen emulsion components likewise the area of application. Polymer modified bitumen laboratory unit UVB-2-L UVB-2-L bitumen modification laboratory system is designed for preparation of small samples (10 liters per .

  • A laboratory study on cold-mix, cold-lay emulsion mixtures

    A laboratory study on cold-mix, cold-lay emulsion mixtures I. N. A. Thanaya Beng, PhD, S. E. Zoorob MEng, PhD and J. P. Forth BEng, PhD, MASCE This paper describes laboratory experiments and presents results for the performances of cold-mix, cold-lay emulsion mixtures. The main objective of the experiments was to evaluate and improve the ...

  • Laboratory Unit for Bitumen Emulsion Production ...

    Laboratory Unit for Bitumen Emulsion Production In general, laboratory unit can simulate processes on a small scale, occurring in the real world. This is exactly the type of equipment by the help of which the first bitumen emulsion was obtained in the 20s of the last century.

  • Bitumen Emulsion - Types, Uses, Advantages and Manufacture

    Bitumen emulsion is a mixture of fine droplets of bitumen and water. But as the bitumen is a petroleum product it doesn't mix with water and as it is sticky in nature, it doesn't easily gets disintegrated into fine droplets. To overcome this problem an emulsifier is used. Emulsifier can be ...

  • Emultech - Premier Emulsion Company - Valley Slurry Seal ...

    For over 50 years now the name Valley Slurry Seal Company has been synonymous with high-quality asphalt emulsion applications. In 1978, VSS established its first emulsion plant in Redding under the name of "Morgan Emultech" and began to build it into the premier West Cost emulsion Company.

  • Bitumen Emulsion Plant Manufacturer in India | Wahal Engineers

    Wahal Engineers is leading bitumen emulsion plant manufacturer and exporter in india and world wide. We are here to provide an amazing set of results right from the beginning.Bitumen emulsion is widely used in road construction and maintenance.

  • Bitumen Emulsion Plant

    What Is Bitumen Emulsion: An Emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible liquids, one of which is dispersed in the other in the form of very fine particles. The process of emulsification is accomplished by use of an emulsifier and a stabilizer. A colloid mill is generally used for the preparation of an emulsion. Types Of Bitumen Emulsion:

  • Colas Solutions :. Laboratory Services

    The Colas Solutions Technical Center has a vast array of test equipment for evaluating product quality and performance. Our state of the art emulsion lab mill can produce all types of bitumen emulsions with the capability to mimic actual production facility operations, which is especially useful for new product design and evaluation purposes.

  • Bitumen Emulsion Plant - Colloid Mill For Bitumen Emulsion ...

    Manufacturer of Bitumen Emulsion Plant - Colloid Mill For Bitumen Emulsion, Asphalt Emulsion Plant, Turnkey Bitumen Emulsion Plant and Continuous Bitumen Emulsion Plant .

  • ITC Bitumen testing laboratory

    The bitumen testing laboratory is a part of the Accredited testing laboratory No. 1004 since 2001. Its main activity is to test bituminous binders applied both hot and cold. The laboratory acts as a reference workplace and disposes of about 50 accredited testing procedures.

  • Asphalt Testing - Intertek

    Asphalt lab technicians are NETTCP Certified, and have years of asphalt testing experience. Participation in the AMRL PG Binder, Viscosity and Emulsified Asphalt Proficiency Testing Programs ensures that the USA asphalt lab delivers prompt, quality testing. Professional asphalt quality testing .

  • Bitumen Imulsion Plant

    Bitumen emulsion plants are designed for the production of anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions. Emulsions are used in road constructions as well as for resurfacing of old roads and highways. They are also used in the preparation of bituminous coatings. Emulsions are a homogeneous mixture of two immiscible liquids such as asphalt and water.

  • Cationic Bitumen Emulsion CRS-1 - Bitumen Malaysia

    General Definition of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion CRS-1Emulsion Bitumen CRS-1 is a cationic emulsion. They are usually made by passing the mixture of hot bitumen and water phase between a rotating disc, cone or wheel and a stator. In the emulsification process, the hot binder is mechanically separated into minute globules.

  • Bitumen Emulsion - RAD

    The heart of a bitumen emulsion production system is the mill. The ATOMIX ® colloid mill consists of 3 parts: fixed body or stator with two intakes ports and delivery connections. The stator includes a reheating chamber which operates either by vapour or thermal oil (Atomix ® type A and type D).

  • GWC Asphalt : Manufacturers of Bitumen Emulsion ...

    GWC ASPHALT is a premier company engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing Bitumen Emulsions. The road transport sector in India is growing rapidly and has expanded manifold in fifty years after independence, both in terms of spread and capacity.

  • Asphalt - Wikipedia

    Asphalt, also known as bitumen (UK: / ˈ b ɪ tj ʊ m ɪ n /, US: / b ɪ ˈ tj uː m ə n, b aɪ-/), is a sticky, black, and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. It may be found in natural deposits or may be a refined product, and is classed as a pitch. Before the 20th century, the term asphaltum was also used.


    Bitumen: The District Materials Coordinator will test the emulsified asphalt samples for sieve and viscosity only according to tests listed in AASHTO T 59, "Emulsified Asphalts." The sieve and viscosity tests may be waived if the Engineer determines there is not a consistency problem with the emulsion.

  • EMULSION BASICS - Homepage - The National Center for ...

    with emulsion (not the emulsion to the water). • DO if possible, use warm water for dilution and always add the water slowly to the emulsion (not the emulsion to the water). • DO avoid repeated pumping and recycling, if possible, as the viscosity may drop and air may become entrained, causing the emulsion .

  • ITC Bitumen testing laboratory

    The bitumen testing laboratory is a part of the Accredited testing laboratory No. 1004 since 2001. Its main activity is to test bituminous binders applied both hot and cold. The laboratory acts as a reference workplace and disposes of about 50 accredited testing procedures.

  • Asphalt & Emulsions || Ergon, Inc.

    Products: paving asphalt, specialty polymer-modified asphalts, asphalt emulsions, asphalt sealants, flux, specialty coatings, adhesives, corrosion-resistant lining systems. As one of the largest asphalt marketers in North America, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions not only markets liquid paving asphalts, but also manufactures and markets a wide variety ...

  • Emulsifying Mixer | Emulsion Equipment

    Finer emulsions down to 0.5 microns can be obtained, depending on the formulation. In many cases, this can eliminate the need for high pressure homogenizers. Silverson offers a range of in-tank and In-Line mixers widely used for preparation of emulsions, from laboratory scale up to bulk production units.

  • Tests Applied on Bitumen | Procedure of Tests on Asphalt ...

    Tests Applied on Bitumen in Roads for Quality Construction. By: Haseeb Jamal / On: Aug 31, 2017 / Lab-Notes, Experiments, Bitumen . Experience in using bitumen in engineering projects has led to the adoption of certain test procedures that are indicative of the characteristics that identify adequate performance levels. ... Lab Report of Los ...

  • Emulsifying Mixer | Emulsion Equipment

    The more shear energy introduced into the mix, the smaller the suspended droplets will become, creating a fine stable emulsion. The high shear rotor/stator design of the Silverson mixer is ideally suited to this application and can easily achieve emulsions with a droplet size of 2 to 5 microns. Finer emulsions down to 0.5 microns can be ...

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