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    Nov 13, 2013 · And I stained that floor long before all of this Miley twerking business and I refuse to let her ruin it for me. 🙂 The Billboard Top 100 list was my closest companion during this hardwood floor restoration process so I'm going to give you the billboard chart of hardwood floor sanding .

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    Floor Standing Air Conditioners . This is a floor standing type that blends in perfectly with the surrounding decor. Clean and fresh air conditioning is ensured with a high level of cooling performance and air purifying operation.

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    In other words, staining a floor sanded by a beginner is a lot like putting a big, ugly tattoo on your floor. To make things worse, the edger (see Sanding Equipment) is particularly prone to leaving cross-grain scratches that, when filled with stain, are still more obvious because they run against the main grain direction of the floor.

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    Jul 13, 2015 · We refinish a lot of wood floors, many of which are difficult woods like pine, which take a little extra work to make the stain look right, but it's not as complicated as you might think. I'll show you my secrets on how to prep wood for stain right here! How To: Sand Wood Before Staining. It all starts with sanding.