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    Gold Mining Claims for Sale - Black Sandbox - Gold Prospecting. Gold Mining Claims For Sale You can still buy viable mining claims with rich deposits of gold, silver and other precious minerals, but before you start writing checks ... Get Price » Chat Online ; gold mining wyoming claims for sale cheap

  • Bedrock Prospector Gold, Gem & Treasure Show

    Show proceeds are being donated to Toys for Tots and to the Resources Coalition. The show is aimed at showing local kids and their families about gold prospecting, rock hounding and metal detecting for treasure. We will have a sandbox with buried polished stones and agates that kids can find and ...

  • Gold, Mining and Prospecting: Gold Occurrences in Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania has a long and rich tradition of mining especially for anthracite and bituminous coal as well as iron. What is not generally known however is the state is also produced a considerable amount of gold. It has a well-trained workforce of miners many of whom have a tendency to be prospectors.