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    Knife making is the process of manufacturing a knife by any one or a combination of processes: stock removal, forging to shape, welded lamination or investment cast. Typical metals used come from the carbon steel, tool, or stainless steel families. Primitive knives have been made from bronze, copper, brass, iron, obsidian, and flint.

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    Sep 12, 2016 · Sacred Steel Bikes(2016) - Talk with Jason Wilson and TV Review Discovery Channel is trying to remake Monday nights into Motor Monday, with programing centered on cars, bikes, trucks, and other motorized toys. The newest show to join the lineup is "Sacred

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    The Sacred Steel Bikes guys take a stab at building a performance bike with the signature Sacred Steel look. 02:35. Sacred Steel Bikes. The Digger. i. Tensions heat up between Rock Hard and Floppy as they start working on the final bike of the season. 02:59. Sacred Steel Bikes.