making power downfeed for mill drill

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    When you think of Bolton Tool's milling machines, you think of high quality mills at very low prices. We at Bolton Tools are known for our impressive quality mill/drill machine tools. We guarantee our milling machines will be the best value on the market, HANDS DOWN! We take great pride in the workmanship of our milling machines.

  • MK: DIY Milling Table for Drill Press: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

    MK: DIY Milling Table for Drill Press: I´m very frustrated that I don´t have a milling machine in my shop. But my credo is get inspired, use what you have and make the best out of it, so naturally I tried to make my own milling machine (kind of).Tools: drill press (obviously), table sa...

  • Power Down Feed

    Jan 17, 2003 · If you can afford DRO, table feed, and power downfeed, skip the mill-drill and get a knee mill. If necessary, get the knee mill without DRO or feed and add them later. You will loathe losing location every time you move the head on the round column mill drill. I don't think the convenience of power feeds or DROs willcompensate.