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    Implementation Control. Common types of implementation control include setting performance standards, measuring actual performance, analyzing the reasons your staff failed to meet specific performance standards, and developing a plan to correct performance deviations. Implementation control also includes things such as budgets, schedules,...

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    5. Use Carpets and Engineered Flooring Systems for Added Office Noise Control. Carpets are useful for controlling impact noises, such as heavy footfalls from pedestrian traffic in the office. However, if you want your floors to control noise from unwanted office conversations, there is more you can do.

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    reductions in noise is generally quite low, and generator set manufacturers have made the job easier by making engines that run quieter and with less vibration. In addition, a large aftermarket exists in advanced noise control solutions. However, the cost of noise control is not linear. The first 10 decibels (dBA) of .


    The Noise Hazard Assessment and Control Program ensures Berkeley Lab personnel are protected from noise hazards by: ... In addition, OSHA requires implementation of noise-exposure controls when noise exposures are at or above 90 dBA as a time-weighted average. Furthermore, OSHA requires that employees be offered hearing protection.

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    Exposure to noise pollution for extended periods of time can cause sleeplessness and high blood pressure.

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    350 Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology September/October 2012 Features Creating a Culture of Safety Reducing Hospital Noise Susan E. Mazer, PhD Editor's Note: In 2006, Susan E. Mazer wrote an article for BI&T that examined the impact of hospital noise on patient safety.