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    For example, if during the fiscal year raw materials amounting to $1 million were used, and the ending raw materials balance was $200,000, the raw material turnover ratio would equal $1 million divided by $200,000, or 5.0. This means that raw material inventory balances were used and replenished five times over the course of the year.

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    For example, aluminum scrap is the raw material for a company that produces aluminum ingots. Flour is the raw material for a company that produces bread or pizza. Similarly, metal parts and ingots are the raw materials bought by a company that manufactures cars and .

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    is that material is (senseid)matter which may be shaped or manipulated, particularly in making something while ingredient is one of the substances present in a mixture. As an adjective material. is having to do with matter; consisting of matter. As a verb material. is (obsolete|transitive) to .

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    Food, Drink and Non-Food manufacturers are under pressure. Range reviews, massive retail mergers, the backlash against plastic packaging and the ongoing ...

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