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  • How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Concrete Slab? 2019 Cost ...

    A reinforced concrete slab is more challenging to remove than a non-reinforced concrete slab. The difficulty is always proportional to cost where home improvement projects are concerned, so expect to pay more if your slab is made of reinforced concrete. Thickness of the Concrete. The thicker the concrete, the longer it will take to demolish.

  • Reinforced Cement Concrete | Advantages, Uses, Types ...

    Reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C) is the combination of ordinary concrete with the reinforcement to increase its compressive and tensile strength to a great extent. Concrete is a versatile material for modern construction which is prepared by mixing well-proportioned quantities of cement (even lime in some cases), sand, crushed rock or gravel ...

  • Cost to Install Concrete Pad - 2019 Cost Calculator ...

    Concrete Pad Cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: 4+ inch thick, fibermesh reinforced 3500 PSI concrete. Broom finish. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. 129 square feet: $235.23: $269.38: Concrete Pad Labor, Basic Basic labor to install concrete pad with favorable site conditions. Layout pad height and slope.

  • Kansas Concrete Costs & Prices - ProMatcher Cost Report

    The following are average costs and prices reported back to us: Cost of Concrete Foundation Installation in Kansas $5.80 per square foot (4 inch reinforced slab on grade) (Range: $5.46 - $6.13)

  • Steel vs. Concrete: Which Comes Out on Top

    This recycling usage makes the material much cheaper when compared to other materials. Although the price of steel can fluctuate, it typically remains a less expensive option compared to reinforced concrete. Concrete: A large cost benefit to concrete is the fact that its price remains relatively consistent. On the other hand, concrete also requires ongoing maintenance and repairs, meaning added costs throughout .

  • Do Concrete Homes Cost More?

    Many homeowners assume that a concrete home will cost considerably more than a comparable stick-built house. But in reality, you may actually save money by building with concrete when you factor in life-cycle costs, utility and insurance savings, maintenance requirements and overall health of the occupants.

  • 2019 Concrete Slab Costs & Types | Concrete Calculator

    By comparison, the price per square foot for a cement slab is $5.50. Just know that even if you do not hire a pro, there are additional costs that come with all concrete slab projects. Supplies, such as the wood used to shape the concrete, can add $3.75 per square foot.

  • Quantity and Rate Analysis for Reinforced Concrete ...

    Today we will see how to prepare rate analysis for Reinforced Concrete (RCC) work. First step to rate analysis is the estimation of labour, materials, equipments and miscellaneous items for particular quantity of reinforced concrete. The second step is to determine the component of structure for ...

  • Ready mix concrete prices | Mister Concrete

    Price is subject to min. order over £350.00 and 20% VAT. In order to estimate a volume of concrete needed for your project, please use our calculator. If you are still not decided whether ordering ready mix concrete is right for you, please read our blog post.

  • Concrete Driveway Paving Cost

    How much does it cost to pave a concrete driveway? A paved driveway provides a stable and secure access surface for automobiles to move from the street to the house and perhaps a garage door entrance. Paving a typical two-car concrete driveway of 16 feet wide and 38 feet long (610 sq. ft.) without curves or slopes costs $3,040.

  • Concrete Driveway Paving Cost

    Decorative effects in concrete are available and include colored concrete for an average cost of $40 per cubic yard ($260 in this example) and embossed concrete for average cost of $1.70 per square foot ($1037 in this example).

  • Cost of Concrete Reinforcement - Types & Installation Prices

    Cost of Concrete Reinforcement. Example: a 10 x 10 area = 100 square feet. Concrete Reinforcement Costs Zip Code Sq. ft. Basic Better Best Concrete Reinforcement – Material Prices $100.00 - $102.00 $103.00 - $104.00 $105.00 - $110.00 Concrete Reinforcement – Installation Cost $8.00 - $9.00 $10.00 - $11.00 $12.00 - $13.00 Concrete Reinforcement –...

  • Concrete Costs & Prices - ProMatcher Cost Report

    The average cost of concrete nationwide is $108.99 per cubic yard. Most people can pay between $102.85 to $115.13 per cubic yard. This estimate covers the cost of a 3,000 PSI concrete, but it does not include extra delivery fees or additional labor costs. Here .