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  • Granulated Blast Furnace Slag - an overview ...

    The typical ranges of chemical composition of blast furnace slags in the US and Canada are 32–43% SiO 2, 7–16% Al 2 O 3, 32–45% CaO, and 5–15% MgO (ACI 233R-03, 2003). When the molten slag, on leaving the furnace, is not water quenched, it is directed into ground bays to be air cooled.

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    5.3m³ (7yd³) Slag Bucket for Wheel Loaders. Customer Stories. Discover what's new and how customers like you are benefiting from our products and services.

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    Environment Canada monitored locomotive emissions through information provided under a MOU signed by Environment Canada, the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment and the Railway Association of Canada in 1995. The MOU set a cap on annual NOx emissions from railway locomotives operating in Canada of 115,000 tonnes per annum.

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