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    Experience with chrome has shown that with increasing time in service, the chrome surface finish will "polish" and become smoother. Conversely, HVOF surfaces have been found to remain relatively constant regardless of the accumulation of dynamic cycles with seals and bearings.

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    • Optical Profiler: High Z resolution, non-contact high-speed 3D scans • Stylus Profiler: High measurement repeatability of 2D profiles Atomic Force Microscopy Nanoscale characterization of electrical, magnetic, compositional and material properties Optical Profiling . Non-contact 3D measurement of surface texture and roughness . Stylus ...

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    In order to get good surface finish and high accuracy in micromilling operation, it is essential to cut at a low-chip load. This feed per tooth and the cutting depth should be maintained less than 1 µm, if machining tolerance is desired to be less than 1 µm.

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    Then, some other types of surface finish came into being such as chemical gold plating, chemical tin plating, electroplated soldering and hot melting tin soldering and some products with high reliability applied electronickelling and electrogilding.

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    In surface finish measurements a tolerance of + 2 CH units is accepted. Further note: The American and English standards admit the following relationship between the values V(RMS) and V(Ra): V(RMS) = 1.11 V(Ra) The French standard NF 05051 is tied in with the ISO 1302 standard concerning classes of surface finish.


    High- and Ultra High- Pressure Water Jetting Prior to Recoating This standard requires water jetting at high- or ultra high-pressure to prepare a surface for recoating using pressure above 10,000 psi. Water jetting will not produce a profile; rather, it exposes the original abrasive-blasted surface profile.