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    Jul 29, 2014 · Herrenknecht's new Shaft Boring Enlargement technology. The machine operator controls all operations safely and conveniently from the interior of the machine. The new SBE uses three phases of operation in order to sink a shaft, beginning with a pilot hole, drilled from the top down, to set the vertical axis of the shaft.

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    The high precision in terms of the vertical and circular shape of the shaft cross-section and the virtually vibration-free ground treatment are further advantages of shaft boring using a SBE machine.

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    With the newly developed shaft enlargement machine, Herrenknecht offers a modern version of shaft boring machines that "complies with the highest standards of efficiency, safety and reliability." With this new generation machine, shaft boring diameters of up to .

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    Water leaking into a tunnel or vertical shaft will greatly decrease stand-up time, causing the excavation to become unstable and risking collapse. The most common way to control groundwater is to install dewatering pipes into the ground and to simply pump the water out.

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    The WEN 173cc Vertical Shaft Gas Engine is a tough and reliable replacement engine designed for use in walk behind mowers. The powerful 173cc displacement delivers enough power and torque for heavy duty applications. This engine is EPA and CARB certified and can be used in all the states. This Engine is backed by a 2-year warranty.