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  • China's waste import ban upends global recycling industry

    Jan 21, 2018 · The European Union exports half of its collected and sorted plastics, 85 percent of which goes to China. Ireland alone exported 95 percent of its plastic waste to China in 2016. That same year, the US shipped more than 16 million tonnes of scrap commodities to China worth more than $5.2 billion.

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    Directed by Jiuliang Wang. A portrait of poverty, ambition and hope set in a world of waste.

  • What China's import ban on plastic waste means for the ...

    Feb 20, 2019 · After 25 years of importing 106 million metric tons (or 45% of all plastic waste)China refused to buy any recycled plastic scrap that wasn't 99.5% pure. This move upended a $200 billion global recycling industry and threw the rest of the world into turmoil.

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    Through the rolling hills of plastic waste can be heard the faint rustle and laughter of children scurrying and playing. The smiles that break across their grubby faces belie a bleak existence for the families that scrape by sorting plastic waste. Following Pen and his daughter Yi Jie, under the watchful eye of boss Kun, this film shows the lives of those harmed most by severe social inequality.

  • How will China's waste plastic ban impact the global ...

    The Chinese government's plans to ban waste imports, including plastics and RPET waste products by the end of 2017 could have significant repercussions; not only for the Chinese fibre industry but also for the global recycling chain.

  • Where does your plastic go? Global investigation reveals ...

    Jun 17, 2019 · Waste plastic is a commodity, and recycling brokers search across the US and abroad for buyers who will want to melt the plastic down, turn it into .

  • With China saying no to plastic waste, the world needs a ...

    With China saying no to plastic waste, the world needs a new plan "This is a wake-up call," a University of Georgia researcher said, highlighting the need for new ideas on how to handle plastic trash.

  • China No Longer Wants Your Trash. Here's Why That's ...

    Jan 24, 2018 · In 2016, China imported a total of 45 million tons (or about $18 billion worth) of scrap metal, waste paper and plastic from countries across the globe. But last July, China made a bold announcement, notifying the WTO that out of concern for the environment and public health, it would be restricting the imports of certain categories of solid waste .

  • Mountains of US recycling pile up as China restricts imports

    But that equation is changing as of Jan. 1 — China is enforcing its new "National Sword" policy, which bans 24 types of solid waste, including various plastics and unsorted mixed papers, and sets a much tougher standard for contamination levels.

  • Piling Up: How China's Ban on Importing Waste Has Stalled ...

    Mar 07, 2019 · The rest were buried in landfills or simply dumped and left to wash into rivers and oceans. Without China to process plastic bottles, packaging, and food containers — not to mention industrial and other plastic waste — experts warn it will exacerbate the already massive waste problem posed by our throwaway culture.

  • China Is Officially Enacting a Plastic Waste Import Ban

    Plastic Waste. The biggest chunk of that trash came from the US, where the majority of "recycled" plastics are actually shipped abroad to then be recycled; as such, trash has actually become one of the US's biggest exports . Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Southeast Asia ship their recyclables to China .